Tanis Newhouse was originally the head of Public Relations at the Clinic for Paranormal Research until its founder Philip Nolan Voigt was missing, presumed dead. Craig LaGraves was initially elected interim director, but was given a massive stroke and left in a coma by Dexter Charne, his rival for the position. Charne was killed by one of the 'antibodies' of a patient, Randy O'Brien, and with LaGraves still in a coma, Newhouse was elected to run the Clinic in their place. [citation needed]

Newhouse's term as director of the Clinic was a troublesome one, and included staff cutbacks, racial tensions between patients, murders and even a full-scale riot. When a disgruntled ex-staff member led a reporter to the graves of Charne and another member of staff Tracy Speck in the grounds, the Clinic was raided by the police. When the police entered the Clinic, many of the paranormal patients resisted or tried to escape, and a shoot-out took place, leaving most of the police and some patients and staff members dead. Newhouse was distraught at the loss of life, and the Clinic was shut down. It is unknown what happened to Newhouse afterwards, but she presumably faced charges for covering up the deaths of Charne and Speck. [citation needed]

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