Tantalus of Lydia, Greece as a son of Zeus was welcomed in the table of the Olympians; however, he stole ambrosia, thinking he could take it back to his people, in order to make them immortal and reveal the divine secrets. He later decided to sacrifice his son to his gods; so, he cut Pelops in pieces, and served him to the gods. The gods realized what happened and did not eat at all; only Demeter, who was upset by her daughter's abduction by Hades, took a bite of Pelops' shoulder. When it was revealed what had happened, Zeus told Clotho, one of the three Fates, to bring the boy back to life, and the missing part of his shoulder was replaced by an ivory piece forged by Hephaestus.[1]


Tantalus, was punished for eternity in Tartarus; he was restrained over a pool of water, unable to reach it to slake his thirst.[3]

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