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Taranis is the Celtic god of thunder and the elements.[3]

In the 1st century AD, Celtic druids Taliesin and Moiragh were mortally wounded in an attack on their village by Roman legions.  As they were dying, the druids offered themselves as a sacrifice to Taranis (as well as to the Celtic gods Morrigan and Cernunnos) so that one day a warrior would be born to exact vengeance upon evil.  In response, Taranis, Morrigan, and Cernunnos empowered the wooden staff carried by Moiragh (which came to be known as the "Oak Staff of the Druids") and became oathbound to one day empower a warrior as their instrument of justice on Earth.[4][4]

Taranis empowering Kyllian Boddicker

In modern times, Taranis (along with his fellow Celtic gods Morrigan and Cernunnos) eventually chose American mob enforcer Kyllian Boddicker to become their instrument of justice on Earth.  To that end, the three gods each possessed Boddicker simultaneously, causing him to hear their voices in his head and to manifest mystical tattoos of different Celtic symbols on his body capable of casting a variety of magical spells.  In particular, Taranis assured Boddicker that the gods were there to serve as his strength and encouraged him to unleash his full power.  As Taranis and the gods’ possession of Boddicker’s body pushed him to the brink of insanity while he was avenging his sister’s death, Dr. Strange sensed the massive expenditures of magical force and set out to confront Boddicker.  Dr. Strange eventually cornered Boddicker on a rooftop and entrapped him in the Cloak of Levitation, causing Taranis and the other gods to briefly leave Boddicker’s body.  Dr. Strange attempted to capture the three gods with a spell of entrapment to prevent them from repossessing Boddicker, but was unable to maintain the spell after he was attacked by a murder of crows sent by Morrigan. Realizing that he must accept his fate, Boddicker agreed to serve as the gods’ instrument of justice on the conditions that they must assert no control over his free will and only come to his aid when summoned by him.  The gods accepted Boddicker’s terms, although Taranis warned him that there could be no return from his decision.  The gods then bestowed the Oak Staff of the Druids upon Boddicker, who would later become the sorcerer known as Wildpride.[4]

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