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The Skrull version of Thor Girl became a member of the Initiative in the same class at Camp Hammond as Ultra Girl and Trauma[1]

When Manhattan was attacked by the Hulk, the Initiative recruits were sent as crowd control in, with Thor Girl aiding mass evacuation. Thor Girl was among the trainees who sided with Rage when he broke ranks to help the Avengers in battle against the Hulk and his Warbound. Easily defeated, Thor Girl and the others were imprisoned at Madison Square Garden and controlled by obedience disks. The Initiative's black ops team, including the empathic metamorph Trauma, were sent in to free Thor Girl and her compatriots. Trauma assumed the form and powers of Thor as he battled the Warbound member Korg, leaving Thor Girl awestruck by the encounter.[2]

Following Trauma's assumption of Thor's form, Thor Girl expressed a kind of hero worship of him and became deeply enamoured.[3][4] However both Tarene and Trauma were brutally attacked by the MVP clone calling himself KIA (Killed In Action). Tarene was stricken heavily while protecting Trauma, who was then stabbed in the chest by KIA and seemingly killed though it was later revealed he survived.[4][5]

Thor Girl joined the Cavalry in the Georgia Initiative when she graduated from Camp Hammond.[5] She was later revealed as the Skrull traitor and killed after fighting Ultra Girl and being brought down by Cloud 9 so 3-D Man could kill her with her own hammer and an assist from Gravity's powers.[6]

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