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"The Brutal Ones"
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Volkhvy, the Slorenian army
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The Targoth were men turned into genetic monsters by the power of Volkvhy, and used as shock troops by the Slorenians. They were created to destroy the Dudak ethnic group within Slorenia. The Targoth were presumably destroyed along with The Program by Force Works in their battle against Volkhvy.[1] However, some survived and were deployed against Ultron's forces, but were massacred along with the rest of the Slorenian population.[2]

Later, A.I.M. recreated The Program's process to manufacture Targoth for the new Slorenian government. After AIM had finished the job, they kept a few dozen Targoth for themselves, and preserved them in containment units in one of their bases. Later, Doomsday Man took over AIM Sub-Base #94, where the Targoth were being stored, and turned off the containment units to awaken them. Ms. Marvel subsequently broke into the base and was surrounded by them at Doomsday Man's order. She became infected by the Targoths' touch, though it affected her more slowly due to her superhuman nature. She was, however, later healed by an unrevealed helper, and went on to defeat the Doomsday Man and destroy all the Targoth with the assistance of Arana.[3]


Equipment: The Targoth were near-mindless zombie warriors, but possessed enhanced strength, stamina and durability. The fingernails on their hands appeared to be particularly sharp, and were occasionally used in claw-like attacks.

The Targoth found in AIM Sub-Base #94 were highly contagious. Their touch turned their victims within seconds into Targoth. It took longer for this transformation to affect superhuman beings such as Ms. Marvel.

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