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This page is about the line of Tarim, from the Great Cataclysm into the Hyborian Age.


Pre-Cataclysmic Age and Great Cataclysm

The Tarim has two known and contradictory origins:

The Tarim Incarnate was the living embodiment of the greatest Hyrkanian deities, a man-god for whom a holy war was being waged. He was told by the High Priest Kharam-Akkad about the Mirrors of Thuzun Thune, a tale revolving around King Kull of Valusia.[6]

Following the Great Cataclysm, circa 18,000 BC, the Tarim brought Erlik worship to the Hyrkanians, who founded the Turanian Empire.[7]

Hyborian Age

After the invasion of Makkalet, the Living Tarim was discovered by Conan to be in fact a diseased, inbred imbecile. The soldiers of Turan accidentally killed the Tarim with arrows, while the Cimmerian Conan fled his chamber. Prince Yezdigerd nevertheless celebrated his victory with a parade, marching the robed figure of the Tarim through the city, while only he and Sulimar knew underneath the robes a skeleton was all that remained.[8]

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