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A computer expert working for the Mayor of NYC's office, Brown was diagnosed a lethal illness that would take his life in at most one or two years. He decided to make a contribution to the citizen's safety by murdering criminals that had been released on a technicality. To do so, he recruited policemen to become a secret "Murder Squad", using the psychological profiles he had access to. His minions were opposed by Daredevil.[1]

In a party, Brown met Daredevil's ex-girlfriend Heather Glenn[1][2] who, under the influence of alcohol, revealed him Daredevil's secret identity as blind lawyer Matthew Murdock - which Brown confirmed using his technical savvy. Brown then kidnapped Glenn, accepting her as a collateral victim in his "war against crime", and sent his minions to murder Murdock. Murdock had been warned by Glenn in advance, however, so he was in his guard, defeated the would-be assassins who were arrested, and tracked Brown to his office. Meanwhile, Glenn tried to escape by throwing hot coffee to Brown's face -as Brown had been nice enough to give him a cup. Daredevil intercepted Brown thus allowing Glenn to escape. Daredevil then negotiated with Brown to not blow the whistle on his illness if he did the same with the secret identity.[1]

Brown later contacted Wolverine to warn him about a Japanese plan to smuggle incapacitated assassin Bullseye out of the country and perform surgery on him, hoping that Wolverine would stop him. To do this, Wolverine teamed-up with Daredevil and, when he reported this to Brown, Brown decided to take the chance to ambush and murder Daredevil as a revenge for Daredevil's interference. During that time, Daredevil revealed Brown's crimes to Wolverine. Brown went to the pier where Daredevil and Wolverine were fighting thugs to reach the smuggling boat, and aimed at Daredevil, only to be slashed by Wolverine. Daredevil was aghast at Wolverine's killing blow and, while Wolverine still fought thugs, Daredevil had to choose between saving Brown's life by taking him to the hospital, or reaching the boat. He decided to save Brown, who was still angry at Daredevil.[3]

Brown died soon afterward, while Daredevil was in Japan tracking Bullseye. When Murdock's associate Franklin Nelson reported Brown's death, Murdock replied "Too bad. He seemed like a good man."[4]

Powers and Abilities


Expertise in computer science, access to confidential records and the ability to obtain useful information from them.


A degenerative illness. He is also vulnerable to hot coffe on his face[1] and to Wolverine's claws.[3].



Brown is rich, living in a huge mansion with at least one maid.[3]


Traditional gun.[1][3]

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