Tarm, along with his sister Skera, were among the Galadorians that volunteered to sacrifice their humanity to become cyborg warriors known as Spaceknights. Both operated as members of the Spaceknight Squadron. Tarm and Skera were rescued from the living planet Ego by Rom on his journey to find the lost homeworld Galador. Together they reunited with The Unseen and Trapper and fought against the renegade Breaker before encountering the Shi'ar led by Gladiator and his Imperial Guard. They would confront Tyreseus who had taken the Pulsar armor of their deceased comrade Plor who had began an assault on the Shi'ar. Upon returning to Galador they would find the planet nearly depopulated by the renegade Second Generation Spaceknights. Tarm was slain in the final assault on the Dark Tower allowing his sister Skera to send a homing signal allowing the remaining First Generation Spaceknights to find Galador again.


Flight through use of stardrive rocket pods located on back


Galadorian Plandanium Armor


  • Hunter-Seeker missiles with adaptable payloads
  • In Hunter-Seeker form, his wings were able to impart an electrical shock

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