Presumably born on the Planet Klyntar, this symbiote was bonded to Tarna when she became an Agent of the Cosmos. As they came to trust each other, Tarna helped her symbiote master the ability to manifest a humanoid form without being bonded to her.[1]

The symbiote acted as an extension of its host until it was directed to seperate from her so that she could speak to Flash Thompson, a new recruit who she had been assigned to train, in private. While Tarna explained her reason for approaching him, her symbiote tried to do the same with Flash's, Venom. However, both Flash and the Venom symbiote misinterpreted Tarna and her symbiote's statement that it would be "returned to the Cosmos" as a death threat. While Flash challenged Tarna to a fight, the Venom symbiote went berserk and incapacitated her symbiote before attempting to immolate it using the thrusters of her ship.

Tarna's symbiote survived, albeit barely, and was brought to the heardquarters of the Agents of the Cosmos on Klyntar to recover from its injuries. When asked what would become of it following her defection, Tarna said it would be assigned a new host and hoped it would be able to find its own path, like she did.[2]


Like all symbiotes, it functions as a living suit of armor for its host, granting her the ability to transform her limbs into weapons and extend tentacles of its biomass.

  • Constituent-Matter Manipulation
  • Superhuman Durability
  • Cosmos Communion
  • Humanoid Form


  • Sonic
  • Heat


  • Tarna's Ship[1]


The symbiote is capable of transforming its limbs into bladed weapons and extruding tentacles to attack its opponents.[3]

  • Unlike most symbiotes, its humanoid form looks nothing like that of its host.

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