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After the Builders were defeated, the Skrull Empire was officially reborn with the crowning of Emperor Kl'rt on Tarnax II.[1] It was the home of Mt'nox the greatest Skrull sorcerer in history. A new Skrull civilization was established on the world, one which did not require housing or vehicles. Any Skrull that needed protection from the elements could transform itself and if a Skrull needed to get from point A to point B it could transform into a shape that let it fly like a bird or run like a cheetah.

Doctor Strange was brought to the planet by Kaana to meet Mt'Nox. He discovered one of the Infinity Gems, the time gem was on the planet, brought to it by Kl'rt who gave it to Mt'Nox to decipher its secrets. Doctor Strange with Kanna's help attacked Mt'Nox, stole the gem, and battled Emperor Kl'rt. During the fighting Mt'Nox was killed by friendly fire (Kl'rt) after which the two defeated Kl'rt and left the planet with the gem.[2]

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