Tarquin Berdeaux or Toad Boy, was a lazy video game addict whose body secreted a toxin called "Toad Juice". He was kidnapped and the toad juice was illegally sold as a hallucinogen. Tarquin was helped by Absolon Mercator and turned into a normal boy.[1]

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The actual nature of Tarquin's topical neurotoxin seemed to have somewhat varied effects. While generally mutants seemed to suffer severe addiction, they were able to recover from its effects if cut off. Human users, on the other hand, were shown to have undergone rapid random mutation, causing violent deaths. Tarquin's mother, however, became obsessively addicted to her son's secretions with no mention of any discreet mutation. This could imply that the lethal side effects were actually a result of the way in which the drugs were processed for street sale, as Tarquin's mother was really the only person known to absorb Tarquin's poison naturally through skin contact.

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