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A former trucker at the Short Stop Diner, she chose to stay behind when it, and its staff, went into space[1]. Later regretting her decision, and wanting to be reunited with her lover US Archer, she and Razorback stole an experimental NASA spacecraft[2]. Later, after battling Xemnu, they were given permission to be test pilots of the spacecraft, which they christen Big Pig 3[3]. With US married to Mary McGrill, she agreed to go with Razorback, having become his lover.

Later, after receiving a distress signal from Rocket Raccoon, she and Razorback went to rescue him, but were captured by Carbon Copy Men masquerading as Asparagus People, and Razorback was turned to stone[4]. Later, when the stone device is set to self destruct and engulfs the planet, she escapes outside of the blast radius, and on returning to survey the damage, finds it has counteracted the freezing of Razorback and Rocket Raccoon, and she continues her adventures in the Big Pig 3 with Razorback[5].

Sometime later, she and Razorback return to Earth.[6]

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