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Quote1.png I don't... Every time it happens, it still gets me... You really don't remember who I am... I'm your wife. Quote2.png
Mercedes Merced

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GUEST-STARRING NICK FURY AND STEVE ROGERS, SUPER-SOLDIER! Fan-favorite anti-hero Taskmaster and his thoroughly involuntary sidekick/love interest Mercedes Merced are on the precipice of unlocking Tasky's secret origin, which is so secret even he doesn't know what it is. The final leg of the journey involves storming a foreboding Bavarian castle ... high in the South American Andes? And if that wasn't bizarre enough, Taskmaster finds goose-stepping Seig-Heiling death in "THE TOWN WHERE EVERYONE IS HITLER". You need to read it to believe it! We guarantee you won't read a stranger tale this year without the benefit of chemical enhancement!

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