Quote1.png I love it! Once they're dead, and the proof of the Org's betrayal is in our hands -- we'll have all we need to put the leadership of the world's secret societies... into the hands of the Minions' International Liberation Front! Follow Redshirt, men! The future belongs to MILF! Quote2.png
-- Redshirt

Appearing in "Illusion-of-Truth"

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  • Secret Avengers Roving HQ

Synopsis for "Illusion-of-Truth"

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Solicit Synopsis

Steve Rogers' Black Ops heroes are desperately trying to head off Taskmaster before he finally unlocks his own secret origin -- and so is The Org, the secret criminal underground that links all the Marvel Universe's villain organizations together! What are both heroes and villains afraid of? What horrible truth lies behind years of deception that will unmake Marvel U history? Who is Taskmaster? Where did he get his powers? And most importantly of all -- what havoc will he wreak once he finds out?

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