Tasver was one of the many scoundrels and criminals who joined the reinstated Nova Corps and used its resources for personal gain. However, he was still loyal to the Corps.

When Commander Scott Adsit enlisted the Guardians of the Galaxy's help to root out the corruption within the Nova Corps, Rocket Raccoon devised a plan to take down the true threat that plagued the organization, the spies from the Fraternity of Raptors. Rocket had had all the scoundrel apprehended, including Tasver, purposefully leaving out the true enemies of the Corps so the spies would keep their guard down.

The criminals were then freed by Rocket and Adsit after the spies notified the Raptors that Rocket's swept had supposedly unwittingly subverted the Novas, leading the Raptors to launch an attack, unaware that the Nova Corps would be stronger than expected.[1]

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