Tatiana is first seen taking pictures of the slaughter of lay-up colony by National Force somewhere in Sonoran desert. Before they can notice her, she escapes in a car. Later she asks a sheriff if anybody knows anything about the new militant group. Sheriff lets it slip that a woman named Carla might know more. Tatiana decides to pay her a visit, but instead finds Carla dead, so she quickly leaves. She is found by Stuart Clarke at the motel room, where they have sex, before Frank Castle interrupts them. The trio then decides on the next course of action, which leads them to another lay-up colony. Frank soon leaves the car and goes on foot and Stuart with Tatiana are then chased by Tank and Joe, two members of the National Force. They pull them over and grab Tatiana as they learned from sheriff that she has been snooping around. Stuart cowardly drives off and leaves her behind. She later appears as a captive of National Force and Hate-Monger presents her as a test to Frank Castle. Frank then kills Tatiana as he was exposed to H-Rays device, which fuels hate of a person.

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