Psionic metamutant Tatsu "Betsy" Braddock left her quiet home in England to travel the world and eventually became the sword-wielding mercenary known as Kokoro. Kokoro later befriended the other-dimensional alien spirit known as Haloroma and presumably joined the Mutant Outsiders.[1]

Kokoro was being hunted down in the streets of New York City by the advanced Sentinel robot known as Sinistron. When Sinistron finally attacked, Kokoro realized that the synthetic metamutant hunter was trying to capture her alive rather than kill her. Kokoro charged her sword with psionic energy and attempted to fight back against Sinistron - but then the Magnetic Men entered the fray and forced Sinistron to retreat.[2]

Kokoro eventually became affiliated with Mr. X's JLX. A love triangle developed among Kokoro, Angelhawk, and Nightcreeper.[3]


Kokoro is a psionic metamutant with extensive training in the martial arts (including both Ninjitsu and Bushido) and always armed with her twin katana swords. Combining her psionic powers with Ninja training, Kokoro's katana blades are doubly deadly - striking both a physical and mental blow to unwitting opponents. Her "psionic" swords are actually mystical blades infused with her telepathic powers and are powerful enough to sunder both demons from Apokolips and the Tyrannoids of Latkovia.


Her katana blades

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