The man known as the Tattler was originally known as "Con-Man" Chris, a blackmailer who was active during the 1940s. He eventually took his criminal ability to form the Tattler identity and worked as a legitimate gossip columnist. However, when he came across some juicy gossip, he gave those he gathered the information on a chance to pay his blackmail to avoid having it published. However, this eventually came back to bite him in the end.

By 1948, he was in the process of blackmailing an actress named Miss Warren. When she was unable to pay his fees, he sent the damning letters she had written years ago to be published by his newspaper. In order to avoid the shame of the truth coming out, she committed suicide by drowning herself in the nearby docks. Her body was found by the Sub-Mariner and Namora who found a note on her body that explained why she had killed herself. Namor was furious, considering the Tattler was basically responsible for murder.

Meanwhile, the Tattler sent blackmail notes to two others: Enoch Packert, a wealth industrialist who was sent to jail in 1926 for forgery in the past, and a criminal named the Gorgon whom the Tattler had evidence tying him to illegal operations in the city. While Packert sought to deal with the Tattler, the Gorgon gathered some of his men to eliminate the gossip. At that time the Sub-Mariner and Namora were confronting the Tattler, who refused to take responsibility for the death of Miss Warren and warned them against meddling in his affairs, threatening to dig up gossip on them. However, the Tattler soon required saving from the Sub-Mariner when the Gorgon and his men tried to gun him down in a drive-by shooting. As the Gorgon was being turned over to the police, the Tattler threatened to reveal all he knew to the authorities to insure that he Gorgon got the electric chair. The Sub-Mariner then warned the Tattler to curb his gossip, or else.

The Tattler did not stop however, meeting with Enoch Packert and demanding he pay a hundred thousand dollars to keep his secrets. Packert's daughter overheard this and sought the Sub-Mariner and Namora's assistance in helping her father. Namor and Namora then confronted the Tattler and his men at the graveyard where he agreed to meet Enoch and accused him of blackmail. Before the Sub-Mariner could apprehend the Tattler, the Tattler revealed that David Harring --- a young man that Namor accused of a being in charge of a smuggling outfit, that was later cleared of wrong doing -- had committed suicide after the wrongful accusal. Horrified, Namor lose all desire to continue crime fighting allowing the Tattler to escape.

The Tattler then met again with Enoch Packert to get his ransom. However, Namora was still working with the embattled businessman. She had him turn over a note revealing that they knew the Tattler was really Con-Man Chris. Just then, the Sub-Mariner (who had come to aid Namora when he got a note telling him that she was in trouble) easily defeated the Tattler and turned him over to the authorities. In the end, he learned that the David Harring story was false and that Harring was alive and well, making a new life for himself after Namor's public apology. While the Tattler went off to jail, the Sub-Mariner and Namora burned all his notes on others.[1]

The Tattlers subsequent fate is unknown.

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