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The Tattooed Man can touch someone and learn their secrets. He has employed himself and a gangster and a blackmailer for decades. He usually employs henchmen to hold his victims still. It was this way that he blackmailed Colossus' father to keep young Piotr's mutant nature a secret.[2]

When Colossus found him later in San Francisco, he posed as dumb muscle looking for work. He went along with the Tattooed man's goons when they opened a shipping crate containing depowered mutant women from Russia, smuggled into the United States to work as prostitutes. Colossus rescued the women and brought them to the X-Men.[3] Then he and Emma Frost captured the Tattooed Man, and installed him in the X-Brig, a virtual reality prison.[1]


Tactile Telepathy: The Tattooed Man, once touching someone, can raid their minds for their secrets.

Pigment Control: The ink from his tattoos will rearrange itself in a picture of those secrets.[4]

Never officially named. Referred to by others as "the tattooed man" or "John Doe".[1]

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