Taurette grew up in Taur Village, Dimension Ecch and was the only female among the Taurs. For years, Sorcerer Supreme Gorgonzola harassed the Taurs to collect their gold poop.[1]

Taurette from Slapstick Vol 2 3

Taurette begs Slapstick to let her stay on Earth

When Queen Princess sent the Taurs to Earth to capture the champion, Taurette met Slapstick and begged him to let her stay there. She explained that the Taurs often 'taursplained' to her and gazed at her. Taurette was then recruited by A.R.M.O.R. and started working alongside Agent Teresa Rigotti and Agent Isabel Cabrera.[2]

Taurette from Slapstick Vol 2 4

Taurette on Agent Rigotti's shoulder

Taurette traveled to Dimension Ecch with Slapstick, Teresa and Isabel to help defeat Queen Princess, Gorgonzola and E.V.I.L.. At the end of the mission, after Mike Peterson 'de-animated' Dimension Ecch, Taurette restored her original body, which was much bigger than her animated one.[3]

Taurette is very bold and hates when other Taurs 'taursplain' and stare at her, as she is the only female of her species.


As Taurette is a Taur, she is able to poop gold. However, Sorcerer Supreme Gorgonzola harassed her species to collect their poop.[1]


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