Tayete and Kazibe were the first of Killmonger's warriors who came across the Black Panther.[2]
They were then introduced to Venomm by their leader.[3]
Tayete and Kazibe went to the graveyard to meet Baron Macabre.[4]
While waiting for Lord Karnaj, Tayete and Kazibe were both attacked again by the Black Panther in N'Jadaka Village.[5]
They then both escorted T'Challa to the Land of the Chilling Mist.[6]
Tayete later risked his life for Kazibe, protecting him from Killmonger's fury.[7]
He and Kazibe were taken to the Serpent Valley to capture dinosaurs.[8]
They eventually joined Killmonger's army in the assault against Central Wakanda.[9]
Tayete and Kazibe later witnessed Venomm being transported back to the United States.[10]


None, human.

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