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Daryl Taylor used the money he inherited from his parents to found the Taylor Foundation which is a conglomeration of financial intuitions. Daryl parents had made several good investments. Daryl made the company a billion dollar enterprise. When Daryl was 18 he married his high school sweetheart Melody. Some time later they had a son named Dwayne.

When Daryl Taylor and his wife Melody were murdered by his best friend Andrew Chord and Chord's mother-in-law Tai they took custody of Daryl and Melody's son Dwayne and cemented their control of the Taylor Foundation. Andrew Chord managed most of the day to day affairs of the company. Despite being responsible for his parents murder Chord and Tai made a point to encourage Dwayne Taylor's desire to become a one man weapon in the war against crime and the company financed Dwayne's expenses as Night Thrasher. While Dwayne was busy concentrating on the fight against crime he was oblivious to the corruption of the Taylor Foundation. Dwayne thought most of the business the Taylor Foundation dealt with were philanthropic donations of worthy causes.

Eventually Night Thrasher uncovered some of the shady deals the Taylor Foundation had been involved in. Monies from the Taylor Foundation financed Roxxon, Genetech, SHIELD, a senate subcommittee involving Superhuman research and something called the Latverian Conservation Society as well as a gun runner. When Night Thrasher confronted Chord with the evidence Chord attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Night Thrasher slowly began taking control of the company and began rooting out the corruption that had infested it. To this end he set up a new board of directors including himself, Gai No Don, Walter Rosen the CEO of Genetech, and Father Michael Janes. Gai No Don himself was a North Korean war criminal but Dwayne wanted someone who was cunning to help navigate the ruthlessness of the business world.

Eventually Dwayne and some of the other New Warriors were killed by Nitro. At this time the company fell to Donyell Taylor. Donyell was the illegitimate son of Daryl Taylor conceived during a drunken one night with a woman he met on a business trip to Chicago. Donyell had previously taken the name Bandit and stole Night Thrasher's girlfriend Silhouette and actively plotted to destroy his life. Apparently they had made peace some time before Dwayne's death and Donyell had chosen to turn his life around and be a true hero. Donyell eventually became the new Night Thrasher. As CEO he steered money from the Taylor Foundation to his own group of New Warriors.

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