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Weapon X's Team
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Formerly Omega Red
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C.I.A.'s Black-Ops Unit
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(False implanted memory; unnamed)
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Team X was a military black-ops unit division of C.I.A., formed by Weapon X Program in the 1960s. Originally composed of agents Logan a.k.a. Wolverine,[1] Victor Creed a.k.a. Sabretooth,[1] Silver Fox,[1] David North a.k.a. Maverick,[3] Mastodon[4] and John Wraith a.k.a. Kestrel,[4] they were later joined by C.I.A. liaison Major Arthur Barrington.[6]

Team X accomplished several missions for both Weapon X Program and C.I.A.; agents Logan, codenamed Emilio Garra, and Sabretooth, codenamed El Tigre, were on a mission in Cuba after Kennedy's assassination, in 1963, where they had been betrayed by Silver Fox.[1] They were later joined by agents Mastodon and Wraith, and together they battled Silver Fox, known as Zora de Plata.[2]

Agents Logan, Sabretooth and Wraith were sent on a mission in Southeast Asia.[2]

The whole squad was sent on Team X's last mission in Berlin, Germany; they were ordered to save C.I.A. double agent Janice Hollenbeck and to stole K.G.B.'s Carbonadium Synthesizer, required by soviet super-soldier Omega Red;[6][7][5] Wraith tried to kill Red with a new weapon, but he survived and Wraith managed to teleport himself away to safety.[7]

In the following years, Omega Red continuously sought out the Team X members, believing they may know of its whereabouts.[6]

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