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Team X was a military black-ops unit division of U.S. Government's C.I.A., formed in the 1960s by Major Arthur Barrington.[6] Named Team X due to the presence of several mutants, the black-ops squad accomplished several missions for both the U.S. Government and, although unwillingly, the criminal mastermind Romulus, who used his personal inside agents, Logan (a.k.a. Wolverine) and Victor Creed (a.k.a. Sabretooth) to carry on his own interests.[5] Other agents included C.I.A. operatives David North a.k.a. Maverick[3] and John Wraith a.k.a. Kestrel,[1] as well as the mysterious Mastodon and Wolverine's former love, Silver Fox,[4] although likely an imposter hired by either the C.I.A. or Romulus himself.[7]

In 1963 agents Logan, codenamed Emilio Garra, and Sabretooth, codenamed El Tigre, were on a mission in Cuba after Kennedy's assassination, where they had been betrayed by Silver Fox.[4] They were later joined by agents Mastodon and Wraith, and together they clashed against Silver Fox, known as Zora de Plata.[2]

Agents Logan, Sabretooth and Wraith were sent on a mission in Southeast Asia.[2]

In 1968 Romulus C.I.A. scienticists in Dallas, Texas, experimenting on Logan with Carbonadium pills;[6] The whole squad was sent on Team X's last mission in Berlin, Germany; they were ordered to save C.I.A. double agent Janice Hollenbeck and to stole K.G.B.'s Carbonadium Synthesizer, required by soviet super-soldier Omega Red;[6][8][5] Wraith tried to kill Red with a new weapon, but he survived and Wraith managed to teleport himself away to safety.[8] In the following years, Omega Red continuously sought out the Team X members, believing they may know of its whereabouts.[6]

Several years after the team disbanded, the subversive Weapon X Program, the tenth iteration of Weapon Plus Program which was funded by the C.I.A. through the U.S. Department of Agriculture,[9] obtained the files of the former Team X agents, who were brought together again, infused with a serum which mimicked Wolverine's healing factor, and received a new layer of memory implants initially through staged scenarios,[9] and later using Aldo Ferro's psychic powers.[10]

While Wolverine successfully escaped the Weapon X Facility where he was experimented on in Alberta, Canada,[11] only Maverick continued to be employed by the program,[12] as Mastodon retired,[13] Wraith became employed by the U.S. Government,[10] Sabretooth continued to work for Romulus,[14] and Silver Fox made the program lose her tracks.[9]

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