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Team X
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Weapon X Facility
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Formed by Weapon X as a mutant black ops unit
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Weapon X base's destruction by the Hulk
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Hulk Vs.
(January 27, 2009)Hulk Vs.
Hulk Vs.
(January 27, 2009)Hulk Vs.


Team X is a black ops mutant unit formed by Weapon X to do covert missions. Some of them were brainwashed to join the team or were willing for a cause or money.

The members included were Wolverine, Deadpool, Mystique, and Sabretooth. For a time, things went well. At some point Wolverine entered into a romantic relationship with Mystique. [1]

They performed several missions, one was to kill a man called Nord. Once Wolverine learned the man had a child he could not do it, so Sabretooth was brought in to finish the job. All Wolverine really remembered of the mission was staggering into flames to rescue the man's daughter and finding the man gone.[2]

Then, things changed when a new scientist was brought into the team's command structure. This scientist had ideas of how to enhance the mutant agents, sometimes genetically, sometimes surgically. When Victor and Professor Thornton tried to conduct one of the procedures on an unwilling Mystique, James went on a rampage and helped his girlfriend escape...only to be caught and experimented on himself. The experiment bonded the indestructible metal alloy Adamantium to his bones[3], as well as wiped out most of his own personal memories.[1]

Lady Deathstrike and Omega Red were later added to the team.[3]

After an unknown amount of time as a brainwashed assassin, Wolverine, now known only as Logan, escaped and began to wander aimlessly, trying to find some clue to his past. They were tasked by Professor Thornton to capture the Hulk, but the green brute had defeated them resulting the collateral destruction of a small Canadian village. After their defeat, they relied on Wolverine, their ex-teammate to deal with him. Taking that advantage, they immediately captured the two and brought them to the Weapon X facility.

Going rogue, Team X (after being convinced by Sabretooth) went to kill their former teammate. Though they almost killed him if not for the Hulk to intervene.

Team X was ultimately defeated by Hulk and Wolverine who were still fighting each other.

After the Weapon X base's destruction, it shown that Sabretooth and Deadpool were the only ones who survived as Deathstrike and Omega Red who weren't seen anymore presumed to be killed.

It is revealed that the Professor survived the explosion by evacuating and continued his work at Weapon X. [4]


Weapons: Various conventional weapons (Deadpool mostly uses them a lot).

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