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Though previously believed to be the progenitors of the Phalanx,[2] the Technarch are in truth Artificial Intelligences manufactured by a Phalanx.[1] A Technarch's purpose is to classify existing societies and either remove or repurpose them. A singular node of a technarch is referred to as a Kvch; previously believed to be the name of a singular homeworld,[3] a Kvch can take the form of any sort of planetary object or series. Each Kvch is controlled by its own Magus. Each technarch believes itself to be the only technarch, and are unaware of the role of Phalanx in their origins.[1] Outside of conventional space, Technarchy also spreads to other aspects of reality, such as the Astral Plane.[4]

The Technarchy originate as viral entities dispersed by the Phalanx across various worlds and planes of reality, such as the Transmode Virus. After encountering an exploitable resource, these seeds stop being dormant and begin to self-replicate. Upon reaching the Intelligence Scale of approximately 10,000 Machines, the viral infection achieves self-awareness as a Technarch, but continuing with the same goal as before. If the nature of ecosystem is already known to the Phalanx, the feeding and self-replicating cycles continues until it is fully consumed. A Babel Spire may also be constructed to summon additional to the harvesting process.[4]

However, if the system poses an interest to the Phalanx due to its eccentric, exotic, or otherwise novel nature, the Technarch nodes instead enter into an unthinking state where the harvested resources are not used for self-replication, but are transmitted to the Phalanx directly in a process called Ascension. At the end of the process, the Technarchs are restored to sentience with only vague awareness of the missing time.[4]


The Technarchy were a machine society created eons ago by the Phalanx for the purpose of removing and repurposing other societies that existed throughout the universe. The Technarchy came to inhabit various nodes that appeared like planetary bodies which were known as Kvch. The Technarchs of each Kvch believed themselves to the only members of their race, unable to acknowledge those from other nodes.[1] For millennia the Technarchy brought down numerous galaxies to consume as much Lifeglow as possible, while knowledge of the Kvch became lost to the other parts of space.[5]

The Technarch given the title of Magus feared that his offspring would usurp him and as per their customs fought all of them, killing all of his children until only Warlock remained. Warlock fled from his home to survive, causing Magus to chase after him relentlessly and destroying any refuge his son attempted to hide in.[6] Eventually, both father and son crashed on Earth where Warlock befriended the New Mutants and the X-Men. A weakened Magus attempted to regain his energy by consuming the local flora and fauna near the X-Men's base, but was left defeated by both the team and Warlock.[7]

Technarchy from Legion of X Vol 1 7

Astral Technarchy

Magus once infected Limbo with the Transmode Virus, transforming many of the entities living there into a hybrid of demon and Technarch called Techno-Demons.[8]

Without a Magus, the Siredams of Kvch left the world to go their separate ways, going feral and consuming entire planets to bloat on "lifeglow" and grow to titanic size. Magus eventually returned to Kvch to reboot himself and be purged of a virus that had been affecting him, only for the virus to spread through the world, destroying it and leaving it a dead planet with barely any survivor.[9] Warlock soon returned home to help redeem his people by using what he had learned from his human friends, only to see his world in ruin, only inhabited by few Technarch children that were abandoned by the siredams and left to live on their own.[10]

Following Magus' latest defeat at the hands of the X-Men, he submerged into a lake where he reverted to his nascent form. There he was found by Bastion who used his infection to revive the most notorious anti-mutant extremists.[11]

After Magus awoke from his hibernation, he changed for the better as he was longer dominated by by his species' primal desires and wished to help the living one tenth of Technarchy survive. He reconciled with his son Warlock and together founded Techno, Inc.[12]

Various individuals from influential groups would utilize the Technarchy's matter for their own purposes. These included Orchis' Director Vulture,[13] and the Twilight Court's Bedivere.[14]

Alternate Reality Versions[]


In the far future, the Technarchy was one of the many alien societies that unleashed powerful A.S.I. that began warring between each other, eradicating all biological life in the process. In time, the Starkware helped the AI societies to set their differences aside and merge together to form Team Godmind. The A.S.I. managed to expand throughout the entire cosmos and harnessing the powers of various powerful beings, they sought to remake the universe to how they saw fit.[15]

Moira II.4[]

During an interstellar war, Orbis Stellaris sent a group of Technarchy to attack the X-Men in order to claim the Mysterium from Abigail Brand.[16]

Powers and Abilities


Technarcs are techno-organic beings, without true form but constantly changing shape.

  • Shapeshifting: They continually change their overall appearance, though they almost always had their black and yellow skin covered in circuitry, though they could also approximate any organic form as well--appearing human when necessary.[17][18]
    • Intangibility: Because of their chaotic state,[19] the Technarchy's cells could pass through molecules, allowing them to phase through solid matter.[20]
    • Adaptation: The Technarchy could use their unstable bodies purge any weakness they came across.[19] By absorbing other lifeforms, the Technarchy would evolve, increasing their capabilities and even gain new properties.[1]
  • Technopathy: Through the use of the T-O Virus, the Technarchy could interface with technology, send communication through different manners,[1] send informational attacks comprised of perceptive data emotions like images and sounds, and download wireless transmissions pertaining to a particular planet.[19]
  • Self-Sustenance: Their physiology allowed them to survive within the vacuum of space.
  • Energy Absorption: When "feeding," they inject a Techno-Organic Virus called the Transmode Virus into an object, converting it into a techno-organic form like themselves, then absorbing its energy as sustenance. Alternatively, they can absorb pure energy, like electricity from an outlet.[17]
  • Parthenogenesis: Technarcs were born through manufacturing in an assembly line, drawing the genomes of a siredam making it the newborn's parent.[17] They could also self-replicate as a form of reproduction.[21]
  • Interdimensional Teleportation: The Technarchy were capable of traversing across dimensional barriers.[1]


Intelligence: Thanks to their power to interface with technology, the Technarchy were extremely intelligent.[19]

Tracking: The Technarchy could detect energy sources, mental ability and lifeglow, not just throughout space but also in other dimensions.[1]


Type of Government

The Technarchy didn't have a singular leader, though it could be said that the Phalanx were their true masters. They existed as singular nodes known as Kvch that appeared as planetary bodies. These nodes were dominated by alpha intelligences that were given the title of Magus.[1] This position could be usurped by the Magus' offspring, leading to the parent fighting its children in a battle of death.[22]

Level of Technology

Intelligence of approximately 10,000 Machines.[1] Young Technarchs piloted ginormous powerful warmechs as part of their training to fight their parent.[10]

Cultural Traits

The Technarchy, despite being comprised of technology, were quite animalistic, only following their urges which were feeding and breeding. They violently hunt biological lifeforms throughout space to completely drain them of their Lifeglow.[23]

They were an asexual species with a singular gender, with the parents of young Technarchy being referred to as "siredams" which was comprised of two words sire for male and dam for female. The children were raised in creches and after reaching a certain age they would be required to fight their parent for the right to live. This assured that only the strong survived and the weak died.[17]



  • Because of their tremendous power, the Technarchy could pose an Extinction-Level Threat.[19]

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