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Technarx arose from a nascent species of techno-organic mutants known as the Host. He functioned as the primal node of the Host's Westchester nexus.[1] Technarx allied himself with Doctor Doom against the Dreaming Celestial, traveling from Counter-Earth to Earth-616 along with his fellow generals, Dorma, Shakti, and Divinity. The group came into conflict with the Fantastic Four multiple times, and in their final encounter Technarx was returned to Counter-Earth along with two of his fellow generals, with Dorma managing to escape.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Technarx is a carrier of the techno-organic virus, which he passes to other organic hosts by touch. Once a subject is fully infected, Technarx can drain their life energy, rendering them inert. Its mechanical nature allows Technarx to form any technological device it can conceive of from its own body, giving it a wealth of options in combat.


Knowledge of various technological implements and weaponry. Highly analytic mind, giving it an advantage in formulating strategy.


Fire causes Technarx's physical form to become highly unstable, forcing it to take some time to recuperate.

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