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The Techno-Organic Virus is a growing organism that converts living or once-living tissue into animate technology, ultimately consuming its host entirely. Though a converted host continues to function as a living organism, it is driven by the desire to spread the virus to other lifeforms. With no known antidote, the virus it can be held in place through physical means such as telekinesis.[1]



When the Phalanx encounter another intelligent world, they will either consume that world for its knowledge, or seed the unworthy world with the Techno-Organic Virus. This Techno-Organic Virus eventually spreads and grows into a Babel Spire, calling down a Technarch to dispose of or recycle the planet.[2]

Possible futures[]

Apocalypse was introduced to the virus by a young Nathan Summers calling himself the Traveler. In a battle between Apocalypse and the Traveler they were both cut, and Apocalypse's servant Ozymandias had his body returned to a recently discovered celestial ship. Though Apocalypse had not yet been able to communicate with the ship, his blood mixing with the Traveler's Techno-Organic-infected blood suddenly allowed him to understand the ship's technology. Years later, Apocalypse infected the infant Summers with the virus, leading to his transport to the future to become Cable, allowing Summers to deliver the Virus to Apocalypse in the first place.[3] Cable's infection could be kept in check only by his powerful telekinetic ability, ensuring that it would spread no further than his arm but also that he could never exert much control over these powers.[1]

A heavily modified version of the virus was later used again, by Stryfe, a clone of Cable created after he arrived in the future that was raised by Apocalypse, in an attempt to kill Professor Charles Xavier. For reasons completely his own, Apocalypse cured Professor X of the virus.[4]

On Earth-29283 the warlord Gaunt had infected himself with mild T-O Virus that he kept in check with nano-machines, this allowed him to replace any lost part with new stronger cybernetic upgrades. During a fight with Cable however he was infected by Cable's much stronger version and was paralyzed and left in agony.[5]

Krakoan era[]

After the establishment of the nation of Krakoa and Cable's resurrection by The Five, his Techno-Organic viral load was encased in a future tech stealth arm.[6] When the conflict with Orchis and the Krakoan space agency S.W.O.R.D. sent Station One hurtling toward the Earth, however, Cable was forced to direct his telekinetic powers away from his Techno-Organic viral load, causing it to grow further and burst free from its future tech constraints.[1] Part of this viral growth was detected by Progenitors on an incursion onto Arakko, and a Harvester took a sample back to their World Farm[7] where it was grown even further, but eventually taken back by Cable.[8]

Enemy of Krakoa Orchis used T-O Virus taken from the Technarch Warlock to turn mutants and allies Feral, Fatale, Cloak and Dagger into a new line of techno-organic Hounds, a project directed by Adrian Toomes, the Vulture, who also fitted himself with a T-O Virus improved flight suit. This Hound program was used to attack Kurt Wagner as he worked under the guise of Creepy Crawler, but Wagner was able to free Warlock and the Hounds with the aid of Legion and his Hopesword.[9]

Cable was able to use his control over the virus to defeat another threat to Krakoa, the Children of Tomorrow, by threatening to infect their entire City.[10]

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