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Techno Isle is small city located within Tokyo, Japan. The city is the pinnacle of technology and architecture. It has the latest surveillance and security technology, making it a very secure location free of crime. The city is kept neat by 300 automatic cleaning units that are on patrol 24/7. All buildings are eco-friendly and thus reduce CO2 emission to 0%.[citation needed]

Techno Isle was largely funded by Tony Stark through his company Stark International. He intended for the city to become the Avengers' main base in Japan.[citation needed]

In the heart of the city lies Techno Isle international school; an integrated educational system from intermediate school to university level.[citation needed]

The island is first seen when Tony Stark and Pepper Potts decided to enroll the Avengers’ young partners, Akira, Hikaru, Chris, Jessica and Ed, in Techno Isle international school, in hopes that it would improve their studies. However, the very day the kids arrived, the city was attacked by Sabretooth, forcing the Avengers to fight him.[citation needed]

When Groot and Rocket Raccoon fled to Earth after stealing the Kree Mact from Ronan the Accuser, their escape pod crash landed on Techno Isle, there they were taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. When Rosetta Riley convinced Mandarin to fight the Avengers, he attacked the island's technological facility to lure the Avengers out, but was defeated by the heroes and had to retreat.[citation needed]

Techno Isle was threatened again when Ultron decided that, in order to eliminating all of his dissenters, he had to destroy Techno Isle with a military satellite weapon called Blue Javelin. This plan was thwarted when Tony Stark destroyed the satellite before Ultron could use it.[citation needed]

Techno Isle served as the location for the final battle between Iron Man and Loki.[1]

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