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The Technovore was the accidental result of a last-ditch effort made by two scientists working for Cauwfield Chemicals at the Stark Space Station to produce compelling results in their nanotechnology project to avoid having it shut down. The parasite went rogue and assimilared everyone inside the station. Iron Man used his remotelly-controlled Telepresence Armor to investigate and confronted the nanotech monstrosity. As Iron Man headed to the station, the Goddess took him aside to offer him a place among her converts; Iron Man refused and she promised punishment. Entering the station, Iron Man found that the space crew members had been turned into techno-organic creatures and they attempted to consume him as part of their quest for completion. Iron Man renovated his armor's arsenal using the station stores, but after destroying the creatures they reformed themselves into a single being calling itself the Technovore.[1]

Iron Man battled the Technovore but it reshaped itself from injury almost instantly. The Technovore caused the station's center of gravity to change, tearing the structure apart. Iron Man battled the creature in space and prepared his auto-destruct sequence but had to remain linked via telepresence at the last moment to prevent the Technovore from hacking into his computer and halting the countdown. The Technovore overcame Tony's controls, but at the explosion's instant the Goddess separated Tony's consciousness from his body to save him from the neural feedback, while the Technovore was destroyed.[2]


Nanite Body: Technovore's body is made entirely of nanobots. It can disassemble itself into a stream of nanites, enabling it to fit into and travel through extremely small spaces. Each nanite carries a copy of the entire viral personality, and it is implied that the whole entity can reconstruct itself from a single unit.

  • Assimilation: Technovore can absorb technology into itself, adding the abilities of consumed technology into its physical being.
  • Adaptation: Technovore's inherent resilience is augmented by an ability to adapt to weapons; over time, it will become immune to a given weapon if struck by it enough times.

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