Ted Sparks (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 67 002

Ted Sparks

Ted Sparks was an accomplished horror writer in the 1940s. He was eccentric and surrounded his Greenwich Village apartment with various horror props, intended to inspire his writing. He was engaged to marry a woman named Peggy.

One day in 1948, Sparks was seemingly ignored by Peggy, after he asked her to mend his socks. Friends with the Human Torch and Toro, Sparks expressed his frustrations with Peggy. He vowed to write a horror story based on a jilted lover, on the assumption that Peggy was going to leave him. The Torch and Toro left him to write his story while they went to find out what was wrong with Peggy.

Sparks fell asleep at his typewriter, and dreamed that his evil self -- called Mephisto -- was loose on the world and went out to propose to various women. Those who turned him down, he killed, clashing with the Human Torch and Toro. However, when the heroes finally caught up with him, he was singed by a fireball... Only to wake up finding it was all a dream and his sleeve caught fire on an overturned candle. The flame was put out by the arriving Peggy who explained that she was busy the past few days because she was knitting him new socks. With the situation sorted out, Sparks thanked the Torch and Toro for straightening things out for him and Peggy.[1]

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