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The Teen Brigade was a team of teenagers coordinated by Rick Jones during the time he was the Hulk's and later Captain America's sidekick. They first banded together to help the Hulk defend earth against the Metal Master.[5] Their original job was to transmit messages to the heroes about current villains or situations that arose.

When Loki's manipulations made the Hulk seem to be a public menace, the Teen Brigade tried calling several of Earth's heroes to help, amongst them the Fantastic Four. Instead, Iron Man, Thor, Ant-Man and the Wasp responded, leading to the founding of the Avengers.[6]

They became regular allies and informants to the Avengers and were in close contact. After he was awakened from his suspension in ice, Captain America showed the acrobatic tricks and offered to teach them self-defence moves.[7] They assisted the Avengers during their fight with Baron Zemo and his Masters of Evil,[8] as well as in their fight against Kang the Conqueror, infiltrating his ship and freeing the trapped Avengers.[9] They also helped to do research to find a cure for Wonder Man's illness.[10]



Teen Brigade utilizes the most cutting-edge communication technologies. Due to the Sliding Timescale, this type of communications equipment varies from reference to reference (See Notes for more details


When the Teen Brigade was first introduced in Incredible Hulk #6 and in the majority of their appearances in the 1960s, their chosen method of communication was ham radios. As per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616, the method of communication used by the Teen Brigade should be considered a topical reference in context to the date the story was originally published. For example, while Avengers #1 shows the Teen Brigade using ham radios in the story, Avengers: The Origin #1 shows Teen Brigade using the internet and encrypted digital messages.

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