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King Tiny

Not much is known about the Teeny-Weeny People, a secret society of humanoids that live on Earth. They are 1:12 the size of normal humans and live in a kingdom within a cave in an undisclosed northern mountain range somewhere in North America. They are a monarchy ruled by King Tiny, a doting and humorous man. Federal administrative duties such as taxes and defence where the duties of Prime Minister Grinko, who was a short tempered man who also had delusions of ruling over the people.

Grinko got that opportunity in 1948 when a plane carrying Captain America crashed in the mountains, knocking the hero out. Discovered by the Teeny-Weeny People, Captain America as carried back to their kingdom to recover from the crash. When he revived he soon made peace with King Tiny and his people, however Grinko attempted to rabble rouse his constituents into believing Captain America to be a threat. When nobody believed him, Grinko then removed a boulder that kept waters out of their kingdom threatening to flood the kingdom. While Captain America was busy stopping the flood, Grinko usurped the throne and tried to amass an army against the hero.

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Prime Minister Grinko

Captain America easily disarmed Grinko and forced him to confess to his duplicity and he was quickly ousted. Back in power, King Tiny thanked Captain America for his help and the hero promised that he would keep the location of their hidden kingdom a secret and soon left.[1]

The fate of the Teeny-Weeny People is unknown, presumably they continue to live in peace and undisturbed to this day.


Habitat: Earthlike
Gravity: Earthlike
Atmosphere: Earthlike


Type of Government: The Teeny-Weeny People are ruled by a single royal figure, a king. There is also a Prime Minister who governs taxes and deals with defence and other federal affairs.
Level of Technology: Pre-Industrial
Representatives: King Tiny, Prime Minister Grinko

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