Tehru was a native of India who supported the Japanese against the Americans during World War II. He was sent by Imperial Japanese officials to raid the American consulate in India for documents that might have been useful for the war effort. During this raid, the spies were opposed by the Young Allies, whom they outnumbered and captured, with the exception of Toro, who escaped and followed the kidnappers. Tehru tried to use his magics to get the natives of Burma to support the Japanese in their struggles against the Americans, by making it look like their gods supported the Japanese. Toro destroyed this illusion and made himself appear as a god through the use of his powers, persuading the villagers to support the Americans. The boys were again captured as a unit of Japanese soldiers showed up at about this same time. Tehru was to be executed for his failure, but the commanding officer decided to give him one more chance to redeem himself. This time, he plotted to use mirrors to make it appear as if the Japanese soldiers were attacking from a different locations than they actually were. This plan also failed due to the interference of the Young Allies, and the Japanese were easily defeated. Tehru attempted to escape once he saw this, but fell into a pit trap and was killed.


Tehru was a skilled illusionist, able to use smoke and mirrors for a variety of effects, including the appearance of teleportation and of making others appear to be in different locations than they actually were.





Other non-magical stage or carnival magicians:Marko(Terry Vance foe),[1] Amazo, Mysto the Magician, Moudini and the Trump (Carlton Sanders).

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