Telephus was the son of Heracles,[1] the father of Eurypylus[2] and the warrior-King of Teuthrania, in southern Mysia.[3]

After Paris of Troy stole Helen of Sparta from King Menelaus, Thersander crossed the Aegean Sea with Menelaus and his armies to attack Troy.[3]

When they reached Teuthrania, in southern Mysia, the Argives sacked it, thinking it was Troy. Telephus killed Thersander, son of of Polyneices, was killed by its warrior-King, Telephus, and was himself wounded by Achilles (who used his godly-crafted ashen spear.[3]

Telephus wound festered, and he retrieved Achilles at Scyros, during his wedding with King Lycomedes' daughter Deïdameia. Achilles scraped some rust from his into the wound who instantly healed.[3]

Telephus refused to join Achilles against Troy, but showed him the course to steer to reach it.[3]

Nine to ten years later, his son Eurypylus later led an army to Troy against the Argives, and was killed by Achilles' son Neoptolemus.[2]

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