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This template can be used to automatically form a disambiguation page based on several parameters described bellow. Template is especially useful for characters with hundreds of alternate reality versions.

Template is using DPL to get a list of all existing pages with specific names. The list then processed by Module:Disambiguation to form the disambiguation gallery. Additional characters that don't yet have pages (and thus cannot be fetched by DPL query) could be added to the list with parameters include1-include81.

Theoretically template can form a disambiguation for up to 800 characters.

|type         = DEFAULT: character

|logo         = 
|main_image   = 
|Main Image Size = DEFAULT: 250px
|noimage      = DEFAULT: No Image Available.png
|main         = 
|main_name    = 
|main_title   = 
|description  = 

|alternative1 = 
|alternative2 = 
|alternative3 = 
|alternative4 = 
|alternative5 = 
|alternative6 = 
|alternative7 = 
|alternative8 = 
|alternative9 = 

|include1     = 
|include2     = 
|include3     = 
|include4     = 
|include5     = 
|include6     = 
|include7     = 
|include8     = 
|include9     = 
|include81    = 

|exclude1     = 
|exclude2     = 
|exclude3     = 
|exclude4     = 
|exclude5     = 
|exclude6     = 
|exclude7     = 
|exclude8     = 
|exclude9     = 

|includeTV1   = 
|includeGame1 = 

|Teams1       = 
|Teams2       = 
|Teams3       = 
|Teams4       = 
|Teams5       = 
|Teams6       = 
|Teams7       = 
|Teams8       = 
|Teams9       = 
|Teams200     = 

|Others1      = 
|Others2      = 
|Others3      = 
|Others4      = 
|Others5      = 
|Others6      = 
|Others7      = 
|Others8      = 
|Others9      = 
|Others200    = 

|Related1     = 
|Related2     = 
|Related3     = 
|Related4     = 
|Related5     = 
|Related6     = 
|Related7     = 
|Related8     = 
|Related9     = 
|Related200   = 

|New Header1  = 
|New Header1_1= 
Type of the pages - character or team. DEFAULT: character. For example, for disambiguation of Spider-Man this parameter can be ommited, for X-Men or Avengers disambiguation type=team should be added.
Pagename of the main character. For example, "Peter Parker (Earth-616)" for Spider-Man disambiguation. It is used to exclude main character from the list of alternate reality versions and place him at the top of the page.
Image used for main character.
logo at the very top of the page.
Short description of character and disambiguation.
Main version of name of all alternate reality versions. For example, "Peter Parker" for Spider-Man disambiguation.
Main version of title of all alternate reality versions. For example, "Spider-Man" for Spider-Man disambiguation
Alternative versions of name. For example, "Pavitr Prabhakar" for Spider-Man disambiguation.
Characters who also should be included into disambiguation. Useful for adding characters that not yet have pages. Characters could be included in the same format like in any normal disambiguation:
|include1     = Peter Parker (Earth-1)
|include3     = Peter Parker (Earth-2); Peter Parker (Earth-2).jpg
|include2     = [[Peter Parker (Earth-3)|Spider]]
|include2     = [[Peter Parker (Earth-4)|Spider-Boy]]; Spider-Boy.jpg
Characters who should be excluded from the list. For example:
|exclude1     = Peter Parker (Tony Richards) (Earth-616)
includeComic, includeMovie, includeTV, includeGame (1-100 in each)
In combination with "exclude" these parameters could be used to bypass auto-sorting of page and to manually add it into desired section. Useful for characters from Earth-199999 some of whom are movie characters, while other are TV characters. For example, Old Lace (Earth-199999) is a TV character, but it is auto-sorted into "Movies" section. To prevent it use similar code:
|exclude1     = Old Lace (Earth-199999)
|includeTV1   = Old Lace (Earth-199999); Old Lace (Earth-199999) from Marvel's Runaways Season 1 3 001.jpg

This way is would be added into "TV" section instead of "Movies"

New Header1 (-New Header5)
Additional section(s) with customizable header(s). Up to 200 pages can be displayed in each section with New Header1_1 - New Header1_200 parameters.
Changes default File:No Image Available.png to any other image that would be used for pages with no image. For example:
|noimage  = No Image Male.jpg