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Template uses Module:StandardizedName to automatically check existing page's type (volume, comic issue, series, episode, movie or video game) and return standardized link to it.

If page doesn't yet exists (and thus its type can't be checked by template), the type of the page can be manually set with "type" parameter:

  • Volume — for comic volumes;
  • Comic — for comic issues;
  • Series — for live-action or animated series;
  • Episode — for episodes of live-action/animated series;
  • Movie — for movies;
  • Video Game — for video games.


{{sl|X-Men #1}}

X-Men #1

{{sl|X-Men Vol 2}}

X-Men (Vol. 2)

{{sl|Helstrom (TV series)}}


{{sl|WandaVision #4}}

WandaVision S1E04

{{sl|The Incredible Hulk (1977 film)}}

The Incredible Hulk

{{sl|Spider-Man 3 (video game)}}

Spider-Man 3

Usage of 'type' parameter

{{sl|X-Men Vol 20 1}}

X-Men Vol 20 1

{{sl|X-Men Vol 20 1|type=Comic}}

X-Men (Vol. 20) #1

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