Temple of Atlas
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Temple of Atlas
Hidden City
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The Temple of Atlas is the headquarters of the Eternal Empire. Which is located within a huge concealed cavern beneath San Francisco, California. Throughout the Hidden City are arcane magics and science, therefore if a visitor is to veer from the correct path without an escort the visitor's safety cannot not be guaranteed. The Eternal Empire's bylaws are written on the East Wall.

The Conclave of Warrior Scholars are based at the Hidden City, and are the ones mostly responsible for the establishment of Atlas' business fronts. Atlas' ubiquitous name makes it easy for their operatives to interact with various holdings without leaving any evidence.

Being their base of operations, it is also where the dragon Mr. Lao resides, providing the ruling khan Jimmy Woo with advice. The Hidden City is connected to the Dragon's Corridor via a portal, which is guarded.[1][2][3]


Mr. Lao, Jimmy Woo, Agents of Atlas, Chan Tze

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