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The Temple of the Dragon was the seat of some robber-priests, who used to go around terrorizing the local folk with their dragon god and extorting money from them. One night Conan and Fafnir looted the temple and stole a mirror containing the spirit of Thazarra, who possessed Nadine and eventually urged Fafnir to return to the temple and steal a magical jewel, thus obtaining everlasting freedom. Conan and Marta's thieves gang set off to the temple, to steal the jewel of Thazarra, too. After the Cimmerian placed it in the pommel of the girl’s mirror, Thazarra, laughing exultantly, emerged from the mirror as an evil green mist with a witch-like face. She once more possessed Nadine, but Conan threatened to slit her throat, and the wild look in his eye convinced Thazarra to abandon her current body. Free to escape and possess any woman she liked, Thazarra returned to the mirror just before Marta and her thieves arrived, intent upon killing Conan. Fafnir and Conan crossed swords with the thieves, but were forced to stop when one put his sword to Nadine’s throat. Conan then tossed the mirror to Marta just as the priests of the Dragon God came swarming up the stairs. Conan, Nadine, and Fafnir ran to escape. Thazarra emerged to possess Marta, and the priests began to slaughter the thieves, who turned to Marta for leadership. Running to escape from the chamber, Thazarra darted through a doorway and triggered a bladed trap, which fell from the archway and beheaded her. The mirror smashed when it fell to the floor; the threat of Thazarra was seemingly ended. Conan, Nadine, and Fafnir wandered off to the sounds of the thieves being slaughtered in the temple above.[1]

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