The "Temple of the Old Ones" was one of the places of the City of the Winged One, near the River Zarkheba.[1]


Pre-Cataclysmic Age

The exact datation of the Old Ones' origin is unknown, but given they were stated to live before the ancestors of man left the primordial seas, it can be considered that they predate the Age of Dragons and the Elder Days.
This temple was one of the places of the City of the Winged One, a city built eons before by the winged humanoid Old Ones, near the river that would be known as the River Zarkheba. There, the Old Ones practiced blood sacrifices at the altar. Beneath the altar was stored a hoard of jewels and riches, protected by a stone-crushing trap.[1]

Hyborian Age

When Bêlit led her Black Corsairs and Conan to the city, she immediately identified the temple, and had her men to open the vault, luring Conan away in case her suspicion about the trap were found true, which they did. Bêlit found the treasure-trove, but was rendered apathetic by it. Soon, she was killed by the Winged One, the last of the degenerated Old Ones, and her Black Corsairs turned into hyenas by his magic. Conan took position at the top of the pyramid to fight the Winged One and his hyenas. The ruins were damaged during the battle.[1]


The Temple of the Old Ones was created by Robert E. Howard in "Queen of the Black Coast".

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