Tempo Cadre

Tempo Cadre (Earth-11326) from X-Men Legacy Vol 1 245 0001
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Tempo Cadre
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Tempo's Squad
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Part of the Mutant Resistance
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Tempo Cadre was a division in the mutant army defending Fortress X led by Tempo. At the 1000th day of resistance, the human army assaulted Fortress X with a gigantic tank. Cannonball directed Tempo Cadre, who were closest to the tank, to stop it. Tempo used her temporal control to stop the tank in its tracks, but took a hit in the process. Warlock proceeded to eliminate the soldiers inside the tank, and reinforcements arrived. Unfortunately, they were too late to save Tempo, who had taken a mortal blow. Reaper proceeded to absorb Tempo's memories before she died. [1]

The legacy of Tempo Cadre lives on in the memories of Rogue and Frenzy, both of whom decided to keep their memories of Age of X.[2]

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