Temptation is a being that resides in the nether realm of Hades located in the possibly imaginary world of Nowhere. His primary task was tempting those who crossed his path with their desires. When Jimmy Jupiter passed through Hades on his way to China, he was confronted by Temptation. Temptation gave the boy candy and attempted to get him to try cigarettes. Jimmy took the candy but declined the smokes. Later, he convinced Jimmy to ride on a merry-go-round. Jimmy's guide Werjil warned Jimmy that if he rode on the ride more than twice he would be trapped on it forever. Before Temptation could trick Jimmy into going for a second ride, he was beaten into submission by Will Power, allowing Jimmy to continue on his quest.[1]


Temptation appeared to be able to pull items of desire out of his pockets, including candy and cigarettes.


Temptation had a merry-go-round which could trap anyone on it forever if they rode it more than twice.

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