Legends of Temujai the Conqueror had abounded in the Oriental nations for millenia. He was said to be a thousand feet tall and that the world would shake under his feet.

The Yellow Claw created a lifesize robotic version of Temujai in one of his many bids to take over the world. He hoped that by preying on the superstitions of the leaders of the Asiatic world he could recruit them as allies in his war against the West. It was his intention to have his accomplice, Kharion Krowe, control the robot and use it to proclaim the countries unite in a bid for world conquest.

Jimmy Woo, who had been a prisoner of the Claw's, managed to escape. He stopped Krowe using the giant leviathan to proclaim that the time for war was over and that all should go home and live lives of peace, thus ruining the Yellow Claw's plan.

The giant robot, which was composed of an unstable material called 'flexus' created by world-famous chemist Knute Lindstrom, disintegrated soon after before it could be used in subsequent plots by the Claw. It left nothing more than a huge empty framework behind.[1]


Temujai was a thousand feet tall and presumably possessed superhuman strength relative to his size.


'Flexus,' the material used over most of the robot's body was highly unstable and disintegrated, leaving behind nothing but a metal framework. Temujai was controlled through remote control.

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