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Mobile, Alchemax sites
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150 000 members
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Alchemax Marines Elite; pseudo peace-keeping observers
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The Ten Minute Club were the better members of the Alchemax Marines, and posed as peace-keeping observers.

Their name came from their mode of transportation to their mission site: they were beamed by satellite, and there was statically ten minutes to the commandos before being scrambled in the beam.

They served to destroy any menaces on Alchemax's mines around the world. Dean Gallows compared Ten Minute Club's activities to the world equivalent of Cyber-Nostra's local owns.

During the return of a mission, a sun flare hit the beam, killing six hundreds soldiers, and misdirecting Dean and Chuck into an holo-phone beam, to an apartment. There, Dean constated Chuck's mutation. Attacked by the Public Eye's agents deployed for the protection of the black-carder resident, he revealed to possess powers, being mutated as well as his comrade, in an other way.

They decided to quit Alchemax, thinking no one would help two mutated veterans.


Transportation: Vast arsenal: Rifle-guns, knives.
Weapons: Beamed by satellite.

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