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Ten Rings

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Middle-East terrorist group.

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Iron Man
(April 30, 2008)


The Ten Rings was a terrorist organization in the Middle-East. Stark Industries' second in command, Obadiah Stane sold them weapons illegally to help them achieve their goals, and later made a deal with them: they would kidnap Stark Industries' CEO Tony Stark, force him to create a Jericho missile and then kill him, allowing Obadiah to take over the control of Stark Industries.

Ten Ring's flag

After weeks in captivity, Stark created a suit of armor powered by the new invention of a miniaturized arc reactor, rather than the weapon he was tasked to build, and successfully escaped. Stark subsequently designed and built a far more sophisticated suit after his return to the United States, and attacked various camps of the Ten Rings, destroying the stolen Stark Industries weapons.

Days later, the Ten Rings found the rest of the armor Stark used in his desert escape and informed Stane about it. Ten Rings' commander Raza proposed a deal with Obadiah Stane: he would give Stane the armor free of charge only if Stane supplied him with an army of iron soldiers. Obadiah refused, instead paralyzing Raza and taking the suit. Stane's men then executed the remaining Ten Rings soldiers.[1]

When an experimental ship created by Justin Hammer for the U.S. Army crashed in Congo, soldiers of the Ten Rings-flagged Congolese Army tried to execute the pilot, only to be stopped by Iron Man.[2]

The Black Widow took down a couple Ten Rings cells.[3] One of which was a network of Russian arms dealers linked to Richard Frampton and his company Sojourn Enterprises. They plotted to launch a new line of Jericho missles towards North Korea, but they were foiled by the Black Widow following a trail of missing Starktech.[4]

During the Battle of New York, Lt. Col. James Rhodes, the War Machine of the US Air Force, tracked Ten Rings cell activity to Hong Kong, where he was ambushed by insurgents with a nuclear powered tank seemingly powered by Hammer tech. Rhodes managed to incapacitate the tank and apprehend the insurgents. He also discovered the tank had pieces of old Stark tech and that the Ten Rings set the trap for Rhodes specifically, to seize the latest Stark technology - Rhodes' new War Machine armor. A Ten Rings agent later reported to their master the Mandarin, who was displeased with the development.[5]

Some time after the Battle of New York, the Mandarin sent video messages to TV Stations claiming to be the leader of the terrorist group. It was revealed that this Mandarin's activities were in fact a ruse conjured up by Aldrich Killian and A.I.M. to cover up failed Extremis test subjects and to profit off the war on terror. The 'Mandarin' propagated on television was really a drug-addicted, narcoleptic actor named Trevor Slattery.[6]

Following the arrest of Slattery for aiding and abetting Killian's crimes, he was abducted from prison by Jackson Norriss, a man claiming to be a member of the real Ten Rings, who had been posing as a reporter. Norriss stated that there was a true Mandarin and that they were going to meet him.[7]

A member of the Ten Rings was present at Cross Technologies during Darren Cross' unveiling of the Yellowjacket Suit. However, the presentation was interrupted by Ant-Man and the building imploded during Cross' escape.[8]


Weapons: Military grade armaments; formerly stolen Stark technology armaments.


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