The Tenger were presumably spawned by the Demiurge in response to early man's subconscious need for gods.

The Tenger originated with Tengri, the god of the Eternal Blue Sky who would become the namesake of the pantheon. He predated all things in central Asia, and coupled with Gaea to create the god Erlik. Erlik, however, became prideful and arrogant, forcing Tengri to banish him to the underworld, where he became the god of death and evil. Tengri replaced Erlik as architect of the Earthly plane with Ulgen. The banished Erlik descended upon humanity with sin and disease, even finding a small group of worshipers during the Hyborian Age centuries before the other gods became popular.[2]

Hyborian Age


Modern Age

To our days, the Tenger worshiped as Gods by the Altaic-speaking[1] Mongolians[3] and Turkic people of Central Asia (including the Khakas and Tuvans,[1] the Siberians,[1][3] the Yakuts,[1] and Erlik is worshipped by the xenophobic Khirgiz tribe of Afghanistan, descendants of the Mongols.[2]

Powers and Abilities


True immortality, various magical abilities.

Average Strength level

An average god can lift approximately 30 tons; an average goddess, 25 tons.


Representatives: Tengri, Ulgen/Ulgan, Erlik, Koyash Ay, Kuara, Gesar


  • Hinkon was stated to be a Siberian God,[4] although it is unknown to which pantheon worshiped in Siberia he belonged.
  • The Tenger are the merger as a fictional race of gods preclusive to the Marvel Universe employing the Mongolian names of some Hindu Gods, Turkish warriors and transplanted Kafir (Afghanistan) characters.

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