Quote1.png Purveyor of coconut-based products and owner of the best cat in Harlem, Teo's a community staple. Quote2.png
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Teo Álvarez was the owner and runner of Teo's Bodega. He also had a pet cat named Spider-Man, after the original superhero.

His shop was raided by goons, later revealed to be working for Kingpin; who also petnapped Spider-Man. The robbery was investigated by the second Spider-Man, who Teo did not respect. Shortly afterwards, the young vigilante returned Teo's cat and the shopkeeper was eternally grateful. Teo later sheltered his neighbors during the fight between Roxxon and The Underground. After Spider-Man II saved Harlem from the waring factions, Teo gave him a new suit that allowed him to patrol with Spider-Man the Cat.[1]


  • Teo's social network account was TeosBodega.[1]
    • He also ran a social network account for Spider-Cat called TheRealSpiderManCat.[1]

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