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Terdu was a criminal sorcerer who was active during the 1940s. In the spring of 1945 his home was invaded by mob leader "Terrible Tom" Garrett who was on the run from Captain America and Bucky. Terdu offered Garrett the means to eliminate Captain America and Bucky once and for all. Using his magic cauldron, Terdu summoned criminals from the past: Captain Kidd, Jack the Ripper, Jesse & Frank James, Bluebeard, and Gyp-the-Blood to the present to assist in this plan.

After capturing the heroes, the so-called Masters of Evil returned to Terdu's home with their captives. Terdu demanded that they be defeated fairly and demanded that his minions battle Captain America one-on-one. Cap managed to beat all the Masters, and Terdu, in a fit of rage, banished them back to their native time periods. Charging at Captain America, Terdu missed the hero, and fell into his own cauldron, which apparently killed him.[1]



Terdu is a sorcerer of unspecified mystical talent.


It appeared that immersing Terdu in the waters of his own cauldron were lethal.



Terdu uses a magic cauldron to assist in his spell casting. The exact extent of the magical feats Terdu can perform with this cauldron are unknown. He has at least used it to pull individuals out of different time periods and return them again, pulling them out from the very cauldron itself.

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