The original Terminator was a first generation Spaceknights. His main powers were Black Light eyebeams and a neutralizer. He originated in Thayri, a Galadorian space colony. His home planet was ravaged by a plague caused by the Dire Wraiths. When Galadorian medics arrived, the youth who would become Terminator was the only survivor. To save his life, his brain patterns were transferred to a Spaceknight armor. He was the only one of the cyborgs who did not have a human body to await his return. While no Spaceknight was particularly sympathetic to the Dire Wraiths, Terminator was motivated by extreme hatred and anger towards them. This resulted in acting rashly in combat, culminating in slaying an innocent being that just got in the way. His fellow Spaceknights [[Rom (Earth-616) |Rom]] and Starshine testified against him in a trial. He was found guilty and offered a choice between exile or death. Terminator chose death. His sentence was seemingly executed.[citation needed]

However, Terminator was rescued by Mentus a recently created Spaceknight with his own agenda. He placed Terminator under his control, effectively treating him as a puppet. For centuries the duo captured other Spaceknights and held them in captivity in a secret location of Galador. An attempt to capture Rom led to the captured Spaceknights regaining their freedom. Terminator still fought against Rom until Starshine convinced him that Mentus was robbing him of whatever humanity Terminator had left. Terminator turned against Mentus and his free will was restored. Soon the Spaceknights had to defend Galador against a new threat, Galactus. The cosmic being was planning to consume their planet. Terminator fought against him and Terrax. He was among the casualties of the battle.[1]


Galadorian Armor


Rocket Pods


"Blacklight" Eyebeams in original configuration. As reconfigured by Mentus (to be a doppelganger of Rom) Terminator wielded a Neutralizer, and the Living Lightning of Galador.

As reconfigured by the evil Mentus, Terminator appeared to have the exact same abilities as Rom, including weaponry.

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