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The Terra Forms are a type of cephalopods discovered by Horizon University. They lived near the core of the Earth for centuries until an pulse of the Silver Surfer's Power Cosmic combined with his own life-force drew them out to the surface in the search for more.

When the Silver Surfer visited San Francisco, he was attacked by numerous Terra Forms that took the form of some of his enemies. Spider-Man assisted him in fighting the Terra Forms. When the heroes found out that the Terra Forms were after the Surfer's life essence, the Surfer let them swarm him and consume a portion of his life force, satisfying them and prompting them to return to the depths of the sea.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Shapeshifting: The Terra Forms are capable of shapeshifting. They focus on a certain target, and change their appearance to their victim's greatest fear, or fears.[1]


  • The name of the Terra Forms is a pun, because they're Earth-based and turn into a person's terrors.[1]

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