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Terra-X was briefly mentioned as being a former member of the Mutant Titans, who had left the Titans and was the metamutant daughter of Dare the Terminator.[1][2]

Terra-X first appeared as a member of the X-Patrol who had joined the team after the fight against Doctor Doomsday, but soon betrayed them to X-Stroke the Eliminator. She even delivered Ferro Man to X-Stroke herself, but the X-Patrol broke free of X-Stroke. Shatterstarfire, who was not present on this mission, noticed Terra-X escaping, and followed her to Zenosha, only to be attacked by the Brood.

Terra-X was later resurrected by Brother Brood, completely under the control of the Brood and loyal to its cult. Although sent to attack the X-Patrol as a whole, her main target was Beastling, her former love-interest.

She mocked Jericho, calling him "her replacement", and was about to kill him when Elasti-Girl flew into her ear-canal and put Terra-X out of action.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Terra-X possesses the metamutant power to psionically manipulate molecules of rock and Earth, allowing her to transform her very body into "rocks and dust" and "join with the Earth" as well as use the Earth itself as a weapon against her enemies. Her metamutant powers were supposedly amplified after she was implanted with one of the Brood aliens.


Terra-X is also very skilled in the use of her long-handled axe.



She has a long-handled axe

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